I had the privilege of presenting to our local "Indy North" Business and Professional Exchange group a while back. We talked about the concept of personal branding and using self-assessment to bring clarity to one's "brand", toward more effective networking and marketing oneself to target employers. I reviewed a few well-known assessment instruments and how they can help bring personal attributes and characteristics to light.

One analogy I made that stuck with one of the folks in the room was that of "higher resolution". That is: using sentences, phrases and key words from a personality assessment report, helps yield additional insights and ways of describing oneself that might not automatically come to mind. So - this effectively increases the "resolution" of one's own view into how s/he is "wired", and what helps him or her to stand out.

I remember getting our first High Definition TV. My wife and I were amazed to see individual blades of grass on the field while watching a football game. How about you? Remember that visual image?

How high is the definition of your own message in your communication with the job market? What's your resolution?